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If You Want to Vote in the August 2 Election

Phillip Kwik - Posted on

In order to vote Tuesday, August 2, on the Library millage, you must be registered to vote in Troy by July 5, 2011.

If you are not registered to vote, you can register by mail, at the Troy City Clerk's office, or at any Michigan Secretary of State office. For more information visit the Michigan Secretary of State website.

On Election Day, August 2, polls are open from 7 am until 8 pm.

If you are not able to vote in person on Election Day, you can request an Absent Voter ballot from the Troy City Clerk’s office. Just fill out an Absent Voter application and mail, fax, or bring it in person to the City Clerks office. Applications are available in the Library at the Youth and Adult Services reference desks, the Clerk's Office, and on the City of Troy website here. The Clerk’s office will receive applications through the mail through Saturday, July 30, at 2 pm. After that, you can apply to vote Absent Voter at City Hall.

Late in June, you will receive an Absent Voter ballot in the mail. These ballots must be returned before 8 pm on August 2 to the Clerk’s office, either by mail or in-person.

For more information, including the location of voting places on August 2, visit the City Clerk's office at



Submitted by Anna Vidal (not verified) on

I have noticed some Vote YES signs, in support of the library millage. Where can I get these signs?