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August 2 Library Millage Update

Phillip Kwik - Posted on

There will be a special election on Tuesday, August 2, for a dedicated millage to fund the Troy Public Library. The amount being requested of Troy voters is .7 mills for 5 years. To determine the cost of your taxes, go to and enter your address. Your specific tax costs will be calculated.

In order to answer any questions you have about this millage, the Library staff will hold a a series of Community Meetings throughout July. These meetings are open to the public. Please attend and bring a friend! The meeting dates are:

Wednesday, July 6, 10 am, Troy Community Center Room 303
Thursday, July 7, 1:30 pm, Troy Community Center Room 301
Monday, July 11, 11 am, Troy Community Center Room 301
Tuesday, July 12, 7 pm, Troy Community Center, Room 302
Wednesday, July 13, 10 am, Troy Community Center Room 302
Thursday, July 14, 2 pm, Troy Community Center Room 301
Monday, July 18, 10 am, Troy Community Center Room 301
Monday, July 18, 7 pm, Community of Christ Church, 3830 Crooks
Tuesday, July 19, 1 pm, Troy Community Center Room 305
Tuesday, July 19, 7 pm, Big Beaver United Methodist, 3753 John R
Wednesday, July 20, 1:30 pm, Troy Community Center Room 303

For information on how you can vote in the August 2 election, click here.

For the current status of the Library, see our Frequently Asked Questions (Updated May 24, 2011).



Submitted by Sara (not verified) on

If I lived in Michigan, I'd move to Troy just to stop this from happening.

I'm praying you do not close, just to prevent something like that from occurring, because books are valuable to everyone who wants to learn something, not just those with a proficiency in "linguistic intelligence," as that "site" claims. That one "site" has seriously shaken my faith in humanity with it's hostility, intolerance, and downright ignorance.  Libraries are not bastions of the learned better-than-thou; they're places to for preserving knowledge and the printed word and keepers of the magic, new ideas, and hope that spring from those things. Libraries should never be closed. Knowledge should never be discarded. Books should never be burned.

If there's anything a couple of small Ohio college towns can do for you, say the word.

And thanks for being a library.

Would you believe the word of a proven liar?

The anti-tax extremists at TCU are at it again. Make no mistake. They will do ANYTHING unethical if they believe the ends (turning Troy into a cheap dump) justify their means. 

Case in point -- their current letter to Troy businesses opens by claiming the city of Troy has put forward "5 proposals" to save the library in the past. 


--The City offered 1 proposal to save the whole city, including the library (Feb. 2010)

--The Citizens to Save TPL put forward 1 proposal to form an independent library (Nov. 2010) 

--And TCU wrote 3 proposals to save the library!!! They put 3 fake proposals on the ballot in November and now say the city did? 


Seriously, TCU's disgraceful behavior knows no bounds.

Why would you even bother reading the rest of the letter when they start with a complete lie?