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Self-Checkout Stations

Anna Cangialosi - Posted on

When you are ready to check out books, CDs, and DVDs, you have the option of going to our staffed Check Out Desk or using one of our automated self-checkout stations. The self-checkout stations are fast, conveniently located, and easy to use. Whether you have one item or several, this option will greatly improve your experience at the Library.

Checking out materials yourself is simple. Just scan your Library card, scan the items you wish to borrow, open any locked cases on the DVD/CD unlocker, and print your receipt. You will be on your way in moments. There are two stations in the Lobby, one in the Adult area by the DVD displays, and two in the Youth area: one by the entrance, and one by the Youth Information Desk.

Questions about the process? Be sure to ask one of the Library staff members who will be more than happy to help.



Submitted by Barbara (not verified) on

Excited to see this - used it to check out my hold!