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Learn a Language at the Library

Ed Niemchak - Posted on

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Have you ever wanted to tame a bull in Spain, or order kare-kare at your favorite Filipino restaurant? Have you ever wondered how to pronounce the name of Eyjafijallajökull, the famous volcano in Iceland, or what it would be like to have a conversation with the Swedish Chef of Muppets fame? Well now you can!

In addition to the 30 international languages and 12 ESL courses that are currently offered by the Library through the Mango Languages eResource, there are now four new languages in the Mango Languages Learning Center: Castillian Spanish (a dialect spoken in northern and central Spain), Icelandic, Swedish, and Tagalog (the national language of the Philippines).

To get started learning a language, all you need to be is a Troy resident with a Troy Public Library card. Then visit the Mango Languages Learning Center. And remember, you can also learn a language on the go with Mango Languages Mobile Apps. Click here for more information. 



Submitted by Anjelica (not verified) on

Hi, I clicked on the second link that's suppose to direct me towards the Mango website through the library and it said that it was misconfigured. I understand that in your mobile app post, there was another person with the same problem. I still couldn't get through using that link either.

Submitted by Phillip Kwik on

Thank you for contacting us. This issue has been resolved.