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Download Free Music With Freegal

Ed Niemchak - Posted on

Freegal LogoMusic lovers, the Troy Public Library has something new for you.

Now, with a valid Troy Library card, you can download up to five songs per week from the vast Sony music collection using Freegal Music. There are thousands of artists, tens of thousands of albums, and hundreds of thousands of songs spanning over a hundred genres from which you can choose.

All of the music downloads directly to your iTunes, Windows Media Player, or other music-playing software, and then can be transferred to your portable device. This makes Freegal easy to use. And best of all, Freegal music has no digital rights management (DRM) restrictions, which means once you download the songs, they are yours to keep.

There is even an app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users, and an app for Android users.

Click here and enter your Troy Library card number to start downloading all your favorite music today!



Submitted by Kim (not verified) on

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to download free music.  And as always, for those that don't find the service useful or to their liking, the best part is, they don't have to use it.  Personally, I have discovered a few new artists that I have come to love.  Again thank you.

Submitted by Jill (not verified) on

Thank you so much for offering Freegal. I have discovered new music and rediscovered old favorites all for free.

Submitted by Jim (not verified) on

This is the most fun service the Troy library has ever added!  Thank you and great job for finding this service.

Submitted by Keith (not verified) on

Thanks, this is very cool. Guess I have to pay more attention to the TPL home page.

Submitted by Keith (not verified) on

After using Freegal for 3 weeks, I am already running out of enthusiasm.  The site is not laid out very well, the search function is hit or miss (meaning that I typed in the name of artists in Freegal and had to wade through pages of other artists that came back at the top of the list).  The songs are of good quality, but I have to question whether or not I will be using this service for long.

A very interesting article written by a librarian can be found at

Submitted by Phillip Kwik on

Thank you for your comments regarding our new downloadable service Freegal.

I was familiar with the librarian in black blog post – and shared it with the library director and some department heads here – before our decision to purchase the Freegal service. I am impressed that this post has generated over 130 comments that continue today – some very positive, some negative. Let me tell you the Library’s early experience.

First, since launching this service a month ago, the vast majority of the feedback we have received has been positive. In fact, in the first month, Freegal has already become one of our least expensive electronic resources on a per use basis. I anticipate this trend to continue, and to make it a great value for the residents of Troy. Our patrons seem excited about the ease of downloading; the vast amount of music available, even though it is limited to the Sony collection; the lack of burdensome Digital Rights Management; and, as you say, the good quality of the recordings.

That being said, I completely understand your concerns about the search engine. It is not very good. The number of bad hits on searches is high. I will certainly continue to bring up this issue with the vendor.

Speaking of the vendor, I have found Library Ideas to be fine. The company was timely in setting up our accounts and making the service available, and the technical support staff – which I have used twice now – has been helpful and efficient.

The lack of Digital Rights Management is a big plus. For years, librarians have been speaking out against the control that publishers place on digital editions of books and music. We have complained that DRM is cumbersome, restrictive, and not in the spirit of the free flow of information. We now have a service that has eliminated DRM, making the music you download yours to do whatever you want with it – to give it to whomever you want, to put it on the device of your choosing. This is an improvement over the proprietary nature of say, iTunes or Amazon ebooks. And there is no chance of copyright violations, as there might be with large scale ripping of the library’s CD collection by patrons.

We will continue to evaluate this service – as we do all our other services – to make sure that it is a good match for the residents of Troy. While I understand that Freegal is not perfect, I think that it meets the needs of a percentage of our users who have either grown up with a downloadable Internet, or who do not wish to spend the time with CDs. I encourage you to reconsider using it. While it may not fulfill all your music information needs, I imagine that it is still a good complement – even with the problems you cite.

Thank you again for your comment.

Submitted by Elizabeth (not verified) on

I am very upset.  No christian music?  I was to look at a song with numbers in it, and I never found it.  It was by "Pink".  I am very disappointed at this point.

Submitted by Phillip Kwik on

Thank you for contacting the Library about our free downloadable music service, Freegal.
There are two genres of Christian music in our downloadable collection: Christian Rap and Christian Rock. Together, these sections include over 300 artists.
When we purchase this service, we buy the Sony Music Collection in its entirety. We are not able to add nor subtract individual artists or songs. Unfortunately, the artist Pink is not included in this service. However, if you email me ( the name of the song for which you are looking, I can see if we can get it for you in our CD collection or from another library.
Thank you, again, for using the Troy Public Library.

Submitted by Jennifer (not verified) on

Thank you SO much! I love all the perks that come with my little Troy Public Library card.

Submitted by Liz (not verified) on

This is so cool!  I love to listen to all the songs :)